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Therapeutic nutrition with beehive products

Nutrition is a complex and indispensable process for the preservation of life and the proper functioning of each of the body’s tissues (1). This begins with the absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract, its passage from the tissues adjacent to the cell irrigated by the blood capillaries, extracellular matrix and the processes of incorporation […]

Antiviral properties of beehive products

Since their discovery, viruses have been the subject of controversy. Even its origin is not clear and it is debated between three theories: relics of pre-cellular life, intracellular “parasites” or genes that escaped cells and were united with functional units (1). Although viruses have been known for their ability to generate diseases such as human […]

Aging and senescence: approach from apitherapy

In recent decades there has been an increase in the world population and life expectancy. During the last century the world population quadrupled and estimates indicate that in the next decades it will double again (1). Likewise, life expectancy has been shown to increase significantly, before 1800 it was 32 years old, in countries like […]

State of the art of apitherapy. Past and present

Apitherapy is a therapeutic system that is based on the use of bee products (honey, bee venom, propolis, royal jelly, beeswax, pollen and their combinations) in order to prevent and treat different diseases (1). This article presents a summary of the history of apitherapy as well as the results of case series of patients treated […]