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Bee sting or injectable bee venom?: review and evidence analysis

Apitherapy is a therapeutic system that is based on the use of hive products in order to prevent and treat diseases. Bee venom (apitoxin) is one of them and the most frequently used in handling with apitherapy. Apitoxin is a complex substance in which can be identified more than 50 active components including peptides and […]

Colombian bee pollen: food of high nutritional and therapeutic value

The products of the hive have been consumed by mankind since its inception. There is a large body of evidence that shows that the first human settlements consumed these products; Not only have they been used as food, for centuries they have been used for their therapeutic benefits (1–3). Among the products of the hive […]

Why to use apitherapy in medical practice?

Medical care suppose a challenge to physicians and their work teams. The multi- causality of clinical cases, the diversity of physiopathological mechanisms and the effect of intern and extern factors make each case unique and require major attention as well as research capacity in order to impact patient’s health in a positive and significant way […]

¿Por qué utilizar la apiterapia en la práctica médica?

La atención de la mayoría de los pacientes supone un reto para todos los médicos y sus equipos de trabajo. La multicausalidad de los cuadros clínicos, diversidad de mecanismos fisiopatológicos y efectos de factores internos y externos, hacen que en efecto cada caso sea único y requiera de la mayor atención y capacidad de investigación […]