World Apitherapy Organization

Who we are

The World Apitherapy Organization (WAO) is a global agency that leads international efforts to develop and spread apitherapy as a therapeutic practice within medical institutions all over the world.

Our goal is to establish apitherapy as a solid and research-backed medical practice, as well as to encourage successful communication between it and other medical practices.

We cooperate in research projects, providing educational programmes for health professionals and organizing academic forums.

Our guiding principle

The principle that has been the basis of WAO’s work throughout the past few years is making sure apitherapy reaches the highest standard of evidence.

Using evidence to strength the practice 

WAO has brought together the world’s top apitherapy experts to produce international reference materials. In addition, we’ve worked on improving the existing guidelines to conduct better apitherapy treatment to people throughout the world.

The data collected from studies across the world is analysed and reviewed then published in form of meta- analysis. This powerful tool helps health professionals get a clear picture of the therapeutic scope of apitherapy and its most reasonable indications based on evidence.

The ability to collect and analyze data has been critical to WAO’s work to obtain apitherapy’s conclusive evidence. This approach, focusing on clinical and preclinical studies emphasizes the importance of getting extensive evidence to back the efficacy of apitherapy practices.

What we do

Our primary role is to direct and coordinate international educational, disseminative and research programmes, and produce guidelines and recommendations for better practices.

Where we work

We support health professionals, research groups, academic organizations, funds and foundations, civil society organizations and the private sector all over the world.

We attain apitherapy’s objectives by supporting individuals, groups and organizations. We understand that by working collectively we ensure the development of our field.

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