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ABC of scientific studies in health for science journalists

In the name of science applied to health and based on it, we always seek to make the best decisions, reduce uncertainty, error and, of course, give the most accurate information to the entire population. However, and although this is desirable, it does not always happen, either due to the absence of scientific studies, its […]

Webinar: Hive products in health care

Description: Apitherapy, therapeutic based on the use of hive products (honey, royal jelly, bee venom, propolis) represents a whole universe of possibilities in the treatment of acute, chronic and degenerative diseases. Apitherapy can be approached from different medical systems being an excellent complement to other treatments in the search to improve the therapeutic results of […]

Cancer and therapeutic with hive products

The comprehensive approach to cancer is today a challenge for patients, their families, health teams and society. In most countries of the world, cancer is the first or second cause of premature death only surpassed by cardiovascular disease (1). In spite of the efforts in the timely detection and research of new treatments for the […]

5 benefits of apitherapy during chemotherapy

Cancer is a set of conditions that appear in different parts of the body and is characterized by the abnormal growth of non-functional cells; Chemotherapy agents are used as part of their treatment. Chemotherapy is based on the use of chemicals in order to stop the growth and proliferation of cancer cells. Chemotherapy produces multiple […]